Piano Designs  by Klaus Fenner  : Many companies can build pianos, and many companies have features, that in reality do very little to enhance the longevity and performance capabilities of a piano. So when it came time for us to Redesign our pianos we hired the world famous Klaus Fenner. Mr Klaus Fenner has deigned pianos for such famous brands such as Yamaha, Seiler, Baldwin and many others.


LOCATION : Yantai Kingsburg piano Co., Ltd is located in Yantai, the port city of Shandong peninsula of China.Yantai . We mention our location not only so you know where we come from…. But more importantly because our location is a key factor in the quality of our pianos. With an average humidity of 64% only enhances the ability of Kingsburg to properly season our pianos for worldwide distribution and only enhances the longevity of our pianos.


Piano Preparation : The most skillfully designed pianos in the world will never perform there best without proper preparation. This is why, Kingsburg, in cooperation with DOREMI flies in there staff of expert piano technicians from Japan to fully prepare every Kingsburg piano for delivery. This includes concert level tuning , voicing and regulation to every single piano before it leaves the factory. This crucial step guarantees that you the pianist will have an excellent performing piano from Day ONE




• The No1 in the piano sampling of Beijing BJQTS in 2000.

•  Kingsburg piano, The international gold medal of the eighth INPEX and International Awards    Appraisement Conference

•   Kingsburg piano, The international famous brand of the eighth INPEX and International Awards    Appraisement Conference

• Kingburg piano, appraised as “Shandong top brand” in 6 years continuously

• Kingsburg piano, appraised as “Shandong famous brand” in 6 years continuously

• Kingsburg piano, entered the China Excellence Database

• Kingsburg is the only Chinese piano that listed in the same class with several word class manufacturers in “The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano” by Larry.Fine in 2000


If you have any questions or would like to view a Kingsburg Piano Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.



TWELVE YEAR WARRANTY - One of the best in the industry :


Every Kingsburg Piano comes standard with one of the longest most comprehensive warranties in the industry.



Why do we offer such a long warranty… we’ll we know that your piano will not only your lifetime, but your children’s as well. And since we believe in our pianos so much, why wouldn’t we give you one of the best warranties in the industry.


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